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An Open Letter to Old Man Winter

An Open Letter to Old Man Winter Dear Old Man Winter, There’s no other way to say it: I hate […]

Short post #4: The past

Short post #4: The past The past is such a tricky thing. Sometimes is really cool to be nostalgic about […]

$#!+ People Say to Foster Parents

I’ve heard pretty much all of these… “$#!+ People Say…” videos are so funny because they put truth out there […]

I think I may be Scrooge

I think I may be Scrooge I have a confession to make: Christmas is probably my least favorite holiday. No…it […]

Why I will tell my daughter NOT to get married at age 19 (even though I did)

Why I will tell my daughter NOT to get married at age 19 (even though I did) Before I fully […]

Phrases that should die: Preggers/preggo

Phrases that should die: preggers/preggo In this installment of ‘Phrases that should die,’ I would like to discuss preggers. Specifically, […]

We need to keep Christmas in December

We need to keep Christmas in December It seems like every year the socially acceptable time to start celebrating Christmas […]

Young, Married, and Childless

Young, Married, and Childless In a previous post, I talked about why The Husband and I waited to have children […]

Short post #3: A brief glimpse into my life

I’ve been busy for the last week and a half…two weeks actually…and it’s left little time for writing. Two weeks […]

Short Post #2: Things that annoy me

Things that annoy me People who hear, but don’t actually listen. Extremely cold weather. Extremely hot weather. People who honk […]