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Short post #3: A brief glimpse into my life

I’ve been busy for the last week and a half…two weeks actually…and it’s left little time for writing.

Two weeks ago, I was contacted to audition to play music at my church. About a month ago, The Husband signed me up for it. I was sick at home. He signed me up for guitar, vocals, and drums. Cool, but I haven’t played drums in YEARS. I tried to back out of all of the auditions (citing that I had little time. Because, you know, I have an infant), but I was talked in to auditioning now so that it would be out of the way for when I’m able to do more.

Long story short, I was going to back out of auditioning for drums, but ended up doing so anyway. I practiced for a week and didn’t expect to do well at all, but I ended up making it for drums and for guitar/vocals. So yeah…cool.

On top of all of that I battled being sick a couple of different times. I also had a full, busy weekend. And the World Series started. And I have a midterm for a class I’m taking. And I have a six month old.

So yeah…busy.

I’m still WAY behind in my routine, though I got a bit of a boost tonight because The Husband cleaned up our downstairs. The rest of the week has a lot going on. Hopefully I’ll get to write a proper post soon.

Until then…

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