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When seminary changes you…

Today, I begin my third and final year of seminary which has caused me to reflect on where I sense […]

Potty Training: One Family’s Saga

Potty training: One Family’s Saga Here is The Armchair Family’s potty training story. Through laughter and tears we were able […]

Eight tips for surviving the Holidays with your racially insensitive family

Before I begin, I have to say a couple of things by way of disclaimer/explanation:  First of all, as many […]

Haikus for parents of infants

Haikus for parents of infants Baby on the floor Lots of noise and rancid smell Baby in the tub Daddy […]

Babies grow up

Babies grow up Perhaps it’s because I’ve spent a lot of time processing my own mortality and reflecting upon (if […]

$#!+ People Say to Foster Parents

I’ve heard pretty much all of these… “$#!+ People Say…” videos are so funny because they put truth out there […]

Young, Married, and Childless

Young, Married, and Childless In a previous post, I talked about why The Husband and I waited to have children […]

The accidental stay at home wife/mother

The accidental stay at home wife/mother I have a confession to make: I never intended to be a stay at […]

Why we waited to have kids and why we DON’T regret it

Why we waited to have kids and why we DON’T regret it It was inevitable that the subject of children […]