Phrases that should die: Preggers/preggo

Phrases that should die: preggers/preggo

In this installment of ‘Phrases that should die,’ I would like to discuss preggers. Specifically, I would like to discuss all of the cutesy phrases we use for pregnancy this day in age: preggers, preggo, pregs.

I understand that the word pregnant is one of those words that sounds ‘thick.’ There’s no way to say pregnant without it clopping off of your tongue and bursting through the atmosphere with a sense of fullness and heaviness (which is really what being pregnant is, tbh). There’s a harshness to it…and it sounds funny when you say it a lot.


Back in the day (like during I Love Lucy times) you couldn’t even say pregnant on television, but now our culture’s view of pregnancy and childbirth have completely shifted (mostly for the better).


Somewhere along the line, being pregnant became a cutesy little thing that women did with their cute little baby bumps and trendy maternity clothes. And because being pregnant is so cute, we needed an array of cute little names for pregnancy. Enter the preggers/preggo/pregs trifecta.

Let me tell you something: pregnancy ain’t cute. When I was pregnant, I can count on one hand the times I felt cute and most of those times fell before the 8 week mark (when I started throwing up constantly and slept almost 18 hours a day). The other two times happened when my sickness mostly subsided (thankfully) for Christmas.



I didn’t feel very preggers when I had to pee every five minutes. Acting preggo was the farthest thing from my mind when the smell of my husband’s deodorant made me want to hurl (he tried three different brands before we found one that didn’t nauseate me). Being pregs wasn’t the business when late night heartburn set in.


Of course, being pregnant isn’t absolutely horrible. It’s kind of cool to watch a tiny human develop inside of you. Because miracle of life.

But the miracle of life is no excuse to be annoying, people!

Perhaps my view is a bit skewed because I was sick for basically all of my pregnancy and didn’t really get a chance to feel all cute and preggo and stuff, but I really think we should stop the preggers/preggo/pregs madness.

What do you think?

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