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Eight tips for surviving the Holidays with your racially insensitive family

Before I begin, I have to say a couple of things by way of disclaimer/explanation:  First of all, as many […]

The ubiquitous task of unpacking

The ubiquitous task of unpacking The Girl, The Husband, and I went on a two week holiday to visit our […]

The six most underappreciated Christmas songs

Last week, I talked about what I think are the 10 worst Christmas songs ever, and I promised that I […]

The 10 Worst Christmas Songs EVER

I’ve already admitted that I’m a bit of a Scrooge when it comes to Christmas, but I’m finally able to get […]

I think I may be Scrooge

I think I may be Scrooge I have a confession to make: Christmas is probably my least favorite holiday. No…it […]

We need to keep Christmas in December

We need to keep Christmas in December It seems like every year the socially acceptable time to start celebrating Christmas […]