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Black folks can’t live in peace, and we certainly can’t die in peace

Black people can’t escape indignity, even in death. It is a privilege for one’s memory to Rest In Peace.

Where are the bodies from this all black Cemetery?

  The lot in the picture above is a cemetery for black people located in Deerfield Beach City, Florida. It’s […]

LeBron James commits a royal faux pas

LeBron James commits a royal faux pas When LeBron James met the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge this week after […]

The NFL and the Falcons don’t know where London, England is located

The NFL and the Falcons don’t know where London, England is located Can you spot the mistake? I don’t know […]

Goodbye MSN Messenger

Goodbye MSN Messenger   MSN Messenger (known more recently as Windows Live Messenger) is being fully retired after 15 years. It’s […]

Required Drug Testing for Foster Parents

Required Drug Testing for Foster Parents A few weeks ago, I happened to see a news interview with the grandmother […]

When cultural insensitivity goes horribly wrong

When cultural insensitivity goes horribly wrong   Zara, a Spanish clothing retailer with more than 2,000 stores worldwide, apologized recently […]

These locusts, tho…

These locusts, tho… I’m generally not one of those ‘doomsday,’ ‘we’re living in the last days,’ ‘let me lose my […]