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These 10 Rape Prevention tips are EVERYTHING! 

I saw this image on Facebook and it gave me so much life:     One day, I hope to live […]

Short Post #6: The trouble with naps…

The trouble with naps… I love naps. I take a nap pretty much every day, and I can feel it […]

Why does everyone hate the heel of bread?

 Why does everyone hate the heel of bread? There is a vile act of discrimination that takes place in […]

Happy Taxmas

Happy Taxmas It’s the most wonderful time of the year…Taxmas season is upon us! Well it’s upon me at least. […]

A lesson from each year of my twenties

A lesson from each year of my twenties I turn the big 3-0 this year, so expect a lot of […]

The more you read…

The more you read… When I was an elementary school child (1991-1997) there was a poster that was in several […]

Short Post #5: Admitting when you’re wrong

Short Post #5: Admitting when you’re wrong It’s a rare thing to find someone who will readily admit when they’re […]

I’m thankful for friends who wounded me

I’m thankful for friends who wounded me I’m a little tardy to the party on the whole “season of thanks” […]

Short post #4: The past

Short post #4: The past The past is such a tricky thing. Sometimes is really cool to be nostalgic about […]

I think I may be Scrooge

I think I may be Scrooge I have a confession to make: Christmas is probably my least favorite holiday. No…it […]