Short Post #2: Things that annoy me


Things that annoy me

People who hear, but don’t actually listen.

Extremely cold weather.

Extremely hot weather.

People who honk just as the light is changing.

When people who fail to enunciate, speak very quietly, and very fast act put out when you ask them to repeat themselves.

When waiters/waitresses ask me 100,000 times if I need anything. I just want to eat my food without a bunch of interruption.

When sales people hover over me instead of just letting me look at stuff. Let me get my bearings in the store before you start your sales pitch.

Really loud music in stores, restaurants, and other public places.

When people make no effort to spell correctly.

When people use q instead of g when they type/text because it looks ‘cool.’

People who are unnecessarily picky or pretentious.


What do you think?

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