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Dictating the conditions of freedom

Call it patriotism, respect for the troops, law and order, or anything else, but when white people attempt to curtail black people’s right to protest, it will always be racism.

The Wiz Live: Unapologetic Blackness

The Wiz Live: Unapologetic Blackness Last Night’s production of The Wiz is extraordinary evidence for the existence of a Black […]

A few thoughts about “The Flag”

Due to our cultural and spiritual DNA, black people and white people tend to process things, especially these large national […]

Six reasons why Chipotle is actually Bae

I love Chipotle. If I had the money, and the patience to wait in the long line that often stretches […]

The six most underappreciated Christmas songs

Last week, I talked about what I think are the 10 worst Christmas songs ever, and I promised that I […]

LeBron James commits a royal faux pas

LeBron James commits a royal faux pas When LeBron James met the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge this week after […]

The 10 Worst Christmas Songs EVER

I’ve already admitted that I’m a bit of a Scrooge when it comes to Christmas, but I’m finally able to get […]


Reminiscing I listened to the Early Jazz Station on Pandora last night. It brought up lots of good feels and […]

What Bill Cosby is teaching us about sexual assault, victim blaming, and sexual politics

What Bill Cosby is teaching us about sexual assault, victim blaming, and sexual politics When I saw the headlines about […]

I think I may be Scrooge

I think I may be Scrooge I have a confession to make: Christmas is probably my least favorite holiday. No…it […]