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Dear Token

I’m concerned that you are playing a losing game in which you trade your dignity for a few crumbs of approval. The game dictates that you trade parts of yourself, your identity, and your culture for a set of fringe benefits. The problem is that these benefits (such as access to networks and opportunities) require you to continue to give these parts of yourself away until you are molded into the image of the Model Negro.

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Taking down the Emancipation Memorial: When whiteness tells our stories

In May of 2020, amidst national unrest sparked by the murders of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, and many others, symbols of the Confederacy have started to come down. The State of Mississippi voted to remove the confederate flag from its canton. A slave auction block was removed from the Historic Downtown of Fredericksburg,… Continue reading Taking down the Emancipation Memorial: When whiteness tells our stories

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Schools: Stop doing “Crazy Hair Day”

As we enter homecoming/spirit day season, I want to make you all aware of something that I didn't know was happening until a friend told me (we didn't have this particular day when I was in school): When "Crazy hair day" (or any other day that would behoove one to wear costumed hair) comes along… Continue reading Schools: Stop doing “Crazy Hair Day”