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The school-to-prison pipeline in the virtual classroom

Children should not have to navigate the same racism that they experience at schools in their own homes.

Dear Token

I’m concerned that you are playing a losing game in which you trade your dignity for a few crumbs of approval. The game dictates that you trade parts of yourself, your identity, and your culture for a set of fringe benefits. The problem is that these benefits (such as access to networks and opportunities) require you to continue to give these parts of yourself away until you are molded into the image of the Model Negro.

Black Lives Matter, but everything ain’t Black Lives Matter

The Black Lives Matter organization is one of the scores of organizations that are invested in the liberation of Black […]

Who asked for this? A White Christian Nationalist painting depicts Black ancestors praying for Trump

Jon McNaughton’s painting “Legacy of Hope” is a literal illustration of what it means to take the Lord’s name in vain.

Taking down the Emancipation Memorial: When whiteness tells our stories

In May of 2020, amidst national unrest sparked by the murders of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, and many […]

Racism = Prejudice + Power

Whiteness tries to equivocate about what racism is so that it can falsely equate prejudice with racism and thus ignore […]

No, Donald Trump isn’t under demonic attack; White Evangelicals are just racist as Hell

White Evangelicalism is in love with power and they imagine they are being persecuted when they perceive that they are losing that power.

Pete Buttigieg, Donald Trump, and the privilege of inexperience

White folks, especially white men, get the privilege of boasting in their inexperience and touting it as an asset.

This is Privilege

I saw an image recently that said, “Privilege is when you think something is not a problem because you aren’t […]

Kirk Franklin shows us why Black folks need to be wary of “multicultural, multiethnic” Christian spaces

Kirk Franklin’s treatment by the Dove Awards shows us why Black folks need to be wary of “multicultural, multiethnic” Christian spaces