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About the Commentary: 

Rants and observations about almost everything.

The Armchair Commentary is dedicated to informing and entertaining you on a variety of subjects. I hope you enjoy reading my commentary on just about any and everything my little heart desires and my brain can contrive. I’ve stopped trying to nail down what ‘kind’ of blog this is. If you figure it out, be a dear and let me know what you come up with.  Some general topics that I post about are culture, social media, parenting (biological, foster, adoptive), and faith.  These are just a sampling of many topics.

The tone of this blog is intended to be informational/humorous/witty/sarcastic. There are some posts that do carry a serious tone about topics that are important to me. This blog contains my personal observations and opinions and are not necessarily reflective of the opinions of any organizations that I may be affiliated with.

About the Commentator: 

I am a person who enjoys living my life. I’m a person who tries to have compassion for others. I try to live my beliefs. I like to think and solve problems. I like to laugh. I’m random. I love to travel. I like food. I don’t like labels, but I understand their value. Some of my labels are: Jesus-follower. Wife. Mother. Teacher/Preacher. Wannabe Revivalist. Thinker. African-American. Innovator.