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How to be a sucky individual

How to be a sucky individual  You want to the the center of the universe. Other people’s feelings don’t matter, […]

Happy Taxmas

Happy Taxmas It’s the most wonderful time of the year…Taxmas season is upon us! Well it’s upon me at least. […]

Stop spewing on people

With all of the sickness that has been in my household since Christmastime, I’ve been vomited on (and have vomited) […]


Recovery I’m coming down off of being quite sick myself and having a somewhat sick baby. I have to remind […]

A lesson from each year of my twenties

A lesson from each year of my twenties I turn the big 3-0 this year, so expect a lot of […]

Seasons of shifting

Oh so much has been happening in my little life and I’m working to get my schedule sorted out so […]

The more you read…

The more you read… When I was an elementary school child (1991-1997) there was a poster that was in several […]


Perspective Perspective is an interesting thing: One man’s trash is another’s treasure. One person sees a glass that’s half empty. […]

There has been a shift in my household

There has been a shift in my household Things have shifted in The Armchair Household. Our 8-month-old has made several […]

The ubiquitous task of unpacking

The ubiquitous task of unpacking The Girl, The Husband, and I went on a two week holiday to visit our […]