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There has been a shift in my household


There has been a shift in my household

Things have shifted in The Armchair Household.

Our 8-month-old has made several discoveries that has changed the game.

She started crawling about a month and a half ago (maybe even two months), but it was only a very slow army crawl. Now she’s up on all fours and moves quite fast.

Her newfound mobility has led to a strong desire to explore her world. Exploring her world means dumping her toy box and spreading her toys everywhere.

She also wants her Mommy to be there for almost every minute of it. She is good at independent play, but sometimes it’s more fun to have Mommy or Daddy sitting on the floor next to her.

The Girl has found that she has her own feelings and preferences. She’s still the same easygoing kid she’s always been, but she’s learning that she has likes and dislikes. She’s also learning that when she doesn’t know what she wants, Mommy usually knows what’s needed.

My house won’t be clean for awhile if ever again.

The days of just sitting or laying with The Girl for hours are pretty much gone.

The idea of putting The Girl ‘in’ something like a swing or a jumper is pretty much a thing of the past.

The day of chilling or completing a task while she’s ‘in’ something are virtually no more.

The days of constantly keeping an older infant entertained and safe have begun.

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