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Happy Taxmas


Happy Taxmas

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…Taxmas season is upon us! Well it’s upon me at least.

Taxmas is that glorious time of the year when, if you were a good boy or girl and didn’t owe him any money, Uncle Sam leaves money in your bank account.

Really, it’s money that you already owned that was being held hostage buy the Gubment, but we won’t talk about that.

Taxmas is great because you get money to spend on stuff that you couldn’t normally afford or wouldn’t normally buy.

Some people don’t get Taxmas in its fullness because they have to catch up on bills or whatever, which is sad. But when you don’t, it’s kind of like free money. Free money is the best money, amen.

We’ve had fairly modest Taxmases in the past; the Bush tax policies were kinda legit. At least the ones that caused us to get bank. Taxmas was kind of lame after whatever tax cuts (or whatever it was) that President Bush made ran out, but then we ended up with kids. Kids = money from the Gubment.


I’m looking forward to when our Taxmas money arrives this year more than ever because I’m getting a MacBook. I’ve wanted a MacBook for years, but I’ve been too poor to spend that kind of money, although I really kind of needed it. I’m really stoked because my current laptop is five or six years old, and it is clearly about to give up the ghost.

The Apple Store is about an hour away from where I live, which is kind of lame that we don’t have one but I digress, and it sounds like I might get a somewhat fancy dinner out of the affair so it makes up for dealing with DC traffic.

When my Taxmas money comes y’all won’t be able to tell me NOTHING. NO. THING.

What are you getting for Taxmas?

What do you think?

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