Why does everyone hate the heel of bread?

Why does everyone hate the heel of bread?

There is a vile act of discrimination that takes place in kitchens across the nation. Every day, thousands of heels on thousands of loaves of bread are passed over for their less crusty counterparts. Some heels are thrown away. Others face a much worse fate of being left on the counter to go stale. 

Why does our society insist on ostracizing a viable part of one of our staple foods? 

The heel is edible, people!

Sure, it has more crust and less of the “bready” part of the bread. Sure, it never seems to fit quite right on the other pieces. But isn’t that how we all are sometimes? A little crusty, a little different, and not quite fitting the mold? 

How is the heel any different than a bun? We don’t discard the tops of buns. Submarine sandwiches are a thing and those are just one giant heel. 

And there are very practical reasons for eating the heel; the most important reason being hygiene. It drives me nuts when people don’t take the heel off the top. I kind of feel like the top piece of bread should be taken because it seems like poor form (and a bit disgusting) to dig through the bread bag. I’m assuming that everyone washes their hands before meal prep, but maybe not. So I run the risk of  getting a piece of bread that someone’s pee-pee hands has touched because our society hates the heel. Gross.  

It is also annoying because the bread is being taken out of sequence. Bread wouldn’t come in a tight little bag if the pieces were meant to be taken from the middle. Taking bread from the middle of the loaf and leaving the heel on top  gives me the same awful feeling that happens when one of the slats of a window blind is turned the wrong way. 

The heel is just as important as any other slice in a loaf of bread and doesn’t deserve to be passed over. Stop the hate. 

Do you eat the heel? Why or why not? 

8 thoughts on “Why does everyone hate the heel of bread?

  1. Isn’t it because if you remove the heel of the bread, the piece at the end becomes tougher than the others… and not as pleasurable to eat. So, if you leave the heel, it’s the only part that will get “tough” or “crusty” and it just makes sense to not eat it at that point. Unless… you toast it. Which, I don’t know why most people don’t just toast them.


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