The ubiquitous task of unpacking

The Girl, The Husband, and I went on a two week holiday to visit our family in the Midwest. We had a pretty good time (besides all three of us being sick at some point the whole trip). It was good to get away and not have the daily drudgeries of life to worry about.

I find it absolutely imperative that our home be as clean as possible before we leave, especially if we will be gone for an extended period of time. Having a clean house serves two very important purposes:

First, coming home to a clean house feels less overwhelming after the hustle and bustle of traveling. It’s purely psychological, but it feels good to walk into a clean house after being away for weeks.

Secondly, it’s less to clean up in the whole mess of unpacking. Why does unpacking have to be such a chore? It takes days to muster up the strength to unpack and just as long to complete the task.

When we arrived home after two weeks of being away, it felt so great to walk into a clean house. I literally walked into every room and spun around in happiness.

Alas, my joy was fleeting.

Once all of our luggage was brought into the house the rudimentary level of unpacking had begun, it became evident that my clean house was nothing more than an enigma. Dust in the wind.

So now my biggest life challenge is living, cleaning, and unpacking before everything spins out of control and we’re all swallowed up in piles of stuff.

There’s stuff everywhere. In virtually all of the places where I had spun and rejoiced so freely there is now a bag or a pile of stuff that needs to be put away. To add to all of the fuss, there is a very mobile 8-month-old who has taken to making messes all over the place and hampering any real progress.

It’s an uphill battle.

I’m determined to win.

Posted by The Armchair Commentary

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