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Short Post #5: Admitting when you’re wrong


Short Post #5: Admitting when you’re wrong

It’s a rare thing to find someone who will readily admit when they’re wrong. There’s something about human nature that causes us to recoil at the prospect that we may not have it all together; that the way we think or act may not be perfect.

I’ve encountered a few people in my time who, it seems, could not bear the cognitive dissonance of being wrong and would manipulate a situation to make it seem like they were right.

Some people will rewrite history, make claims that defy the laws of physics, and try to talk people into believing something that is completely illogical just so they can be ‘right.’ What’s amazing is that people will do this for the most insignificant of things. It’s almost as if their ego can’t handle the possibility that they may not know everything.

The truth is that no one knows everything except for God.

There is no shame in not having all the answers. There is no shame in giving the wrong answer.

Rather than seeking to always be correct or for everyone to agree with you on every point all the time, work to understand others’ point of view. Don’t feel embarrassed or ashamed when you happen to make a mistake.

Being wrong doesn’t make you a bad person. Getting things wrong from time to time makes you human.

Relish in being human.

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