Dear Dr. Carson: I can’t “move beyond” my skin and hair

Dear Dr. Ben Carson, I was rooting for you in the GOP debate. I was annoyed with the first question […]

Why black people teach their kids about racism

Why black people teach their kids about racism I’ve seen/heard/read much outrage at the notion that black parents would teach […]

A few thoughts about “The Flag”

Due to our cultural and spiritual DNA, black people and white people tend to process things, especially these large national […]

Six reasons why Chipotle is actually Bae

I love Chipotle. If I had the money, and the patience to wait in the long line that often stretches […]

Why we need to discuss race

This started out as a post on Facebook, but I decided to blog it instead. This is a list/stream of […]

These 10 Rape Prevention tips are EVERYTHING! 

I saw this image on Facebook and it gave me so much life:     One day, I hope to live […]

Short Post #6: The trouble with naps…

The trouble with naps… I love naps. I take a nap pretty much every day, and I can feel it […]

Where are the bodies from this all black Cemetery?

  The lot in the picture above is a cemetery for black people located in Deerfield Beach City, Florida. It’s […]

The Story of B as told through my words and photos

It’s been two years since she entered our hearts and lives. #tbt

Why does everyone hate the heel of bread?

 Why does everyone hate the heel of bread? There is a vile act of discrimination that takes place in […]