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Schools: Stop doing “Crazy Hair Day”

As we enter homecoming/spirit day season, I want to make you all aware of something that I didn't know was happening until a friend told me (we didn't have this particular day when I was in school): When "Crazy hair day" (or any other day that would behoove one to wear costumed hair) comes along… Continue reading Schools: Stop doing “Crazy Hair Day”

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A few thoughts about “The Flag”

Due to our cultural and spiritual DNA, black people and white people tend to process things, especially these large national events revolving around race, differently. Until we can become fluent in how the other group processes things, the race conversation will stagnate because we aren't speaking the same language. This is very evident in the… Continue reading A few thoughts about “The Flag”

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When cultural insensitivity goes horribly wrong

When cultural insensitivity goes horribly wrong   Zara, a Spanish clothing retailer with more than 2,000 stores worldwide, apologized recently for selling a shirt that bears a close resemblance to clothes worn by Jews in Concentration camps. The clothing retailer committed a huge faux pas when it allowed the shirt (which was labeled as a… Continue reading When cultural insensitivity goes horribly wrong