Back to Africa

Back to Africa I told you that I didn’t ask to be here And you told me to go back […]

How to stand against racism: A primer for white people

Virtually every day, people of color (POC) feel like we must defend our personhood, our right to participate in the […]

In Dixie: A free verse poem

In Dixie   Trayvon (Look away) Michael (Look away) Tamir (Look away)  Sandra (#SayHerName)    I found my voice living […]

What no one will tell you about bitterness…

Being bitter feels good.  Instead of doing the whole click-baity thing where I make you read the entire post word […]

What I want my white friends and family to understand this Black History Month

What I want my white friends and family to understand this Black History Month Every year, I’ve tried to do […]

The Wiz Live: Unapologetic Blackness

The Wiz Live: Unapologetic Blackness Last Night’s production of The Wiz is extraordinary evidence for the existence of a Black […]

Dear Dr. Carson: I can’t “move beyond” my skin and hair

Dear Dr. Ben Carson, I was rooting for you in the GOP debate. I was annoyed with the first question […]

Why black people teach their kids about racism

Why black people teach their kids about racism I’ve seen/heard/read much outrage at the notion that black parents would teach […]

A few thoughts about “The Flag”

Due to our cultural and spiritual DNA, black people and white people tend to process things, especially these large national […]

Six reasons why Chipotle is actually Bae

I love Chipotle. If I had the money, and the patience to wait in the long line that often stretches […]