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Haikus for parents of infants

Haikus for parents of infants

Baby on the floor
Lots of noise and rancid smell
Baby in the tub

Daddy wears a suit
Formula starts to bubble
Oh no! Time to change

Mommy needs a nap
Baby wants to play a game
Over and over

Put the baby down
Baby wants to be picked up
Lather rinse repeat

Bottle in the fridge
Bottle stuffed under the couch
Liquid becomes mush

Nap time once a day
Finite time to get stuff done
Mommy falls asleep

Diapers get dirty
A never ending cycle
Diapers elbow high

Food in baby’s mouth
Baby thinks the food tastes bad
Food in Daddy’s hair

Mom, Dad, baby love
Very little can compare
Everyone feels loved

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