Goodbye MSN Messenger



MSN Messenger (known more recently as Windows Live Messenger) is being fully retired after 15 years. It’s been about eight or nine years since I’ve used MSN messenger, but the news still came as a shock. It’s like finding out an old friend that you haven’t seen in awhile has passed away.

Back in the day, MSN was a pretty big deal. When I got my own computer in my bedroom, I had it set to automatically log in to Yahoo! Messenger, AIM, and MSN every time I turned it on. Instant messaging and email were one of the main ways we stayed in touch with our friends at the dawn of the new millennium. We still talked on the telephone, of course, but using an instant messaging service was so futuristic feeling. Like we were on the Jetsons or something.

It was so much fun thinking of a clever away message. Remember the nudge button that shook your friend’s chat window? Remember when we could first send files? Remember changing your picture to a rubber ducky or perhaps even the tops of palm trees? Remember all the fun times we shared?

MSN reminds me of a much simpler time. It was our social media before MySpace and Facebook. It was our hangout before Google pretended they coined the term. It was where we got to know our crush without the pressure of making conversation in person. It was where we learned internet vocabulary like LOL. There was nothing like MSN drama popping off at school the next day.

Farewell, old friend. Or rather: TTYL.

Posted by The Armchair Commentary

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