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These locusts, tho…

These locusts, tho…

I’m generally not one of those ‘doomsday,’ ‘we’re living in the last days,’ ‘let me lose my crap over anything that vaguely resembles biblical prophecy’ types, but this mess right here…

Locusts. MILLIONS of locusts. Everywhere. EVERYWHERE. EVERY WHERE. EV-REE-WHERE. I ain’t even scared of bugs, but the thought of this has me thoroughly perplexed.

They said these mugs was showing up in CLOUDS. Not swarms, nor clusters, nor groups. They said clouds. 

Let that marinate for a minute.

Imagine chilling in your backyard minding your own business. You hear a faint hum. At first it’s no louder than a refrigerator, but then there is a crescendo. A shadow begins to overtake the sky that blocks the sun. You think it’s a storm cloud until you start seeing black specks falling from the sky, and you instantly realize that it’s not rain. Suddenly, you’re being dive bombed by hundreds of thick, winged insects. You panic and run for the inside. You ain’t grab no shoes or nothin’ Jesus.


I can’t even process it, y’all.

This sounds like some Book of Revelation or Book of Exodus typed mess. This ain’t the Bible. This is Madagascar. I need Moses, Elijah, Pope Francis, SOMEBODY to go over there and perform an exorcism. I’m over here like what did these people do that God sent them a plague of locusts? Like why is it that serious?

Madagascar has officially been crossed off my list of places I want to visit. I can’t even.

Photo: ABC News



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