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When cultural insensitivity goes horribly wrong

When cultural insensitivity goes horribly wrong   Zara, a Spanish clothing retailer with more than 2,000 stores worldwide, apologized recently […]

90s slang that we need to bring back

90s slang that we need to bring back I love to use slang. I love learning new slang words and […]

These locusts, tho…

These locusts, tho… I’m generally not one of those ‘doomsday,’ ‘we’re living in the last days,’ ‘let me lose my […]

Snatchin’ Wigs (A review of *NSYNC’s latest album)

This post is part of a sneak preview series that I’m doing leading up to the official launch of this […]

I’m so excited. I’m so scared.

I’m experimenting with the WordPress mobile app. Please excuse any typos. I’ve proofread, but I can’t guarantee the results. This […]

I secretly judge people when they do these things…

I secretly judge people when they do these things… I’m not a judgmental person by nature, but sometimes…sometimes people’s actions […]