90s slang that we need to bring back

90s slang that we need to bring back

I love to use slang. I love learning new slang words and expressions and incorporating them into my writing and everyday conversations. I even used to make up my own slang, but we won’t talk about that. I don’t quite understand my fascination with slang, but I think that it has something to do with my love for language as a whole.

The culture and trends of the 1990s are making a comeback, and I’m completely here for it. I believe that it’s entirely fitting to bring back some 90s slang in addition to the fashion. Who’s with me?

Here are the phrases I propose we bring back. Don’t worry, I’ve included a thorough definition, usage, and possible variations so if you missed out the first time you can jump in and not sound like a fool.

All that: Used to describe anything that is considered to be desirable or highly valued.

“Those patent leather platform shoes are all that!”

“Jonathan Taylor Thomas is all that!”

“The video for ‘Waterfalls’ is all that.” 

Variation: All that and a bag of chips.


Bag back: 1. Give me space 2. Leave me alone

Used to communicate that one needs space. The space required can either be physical or mental/emotional.

“I know you wanna see my Gameboy Color, but I need you to bag back.”

“Bag back. I just found out the Spice Girls broke up.” 

Brick wall: 1. Shut up 2. I’m not listening 3. Stop talking to me 4. I don’t care what you have to say 5. Get outta my face

Brick wall and its accompanying  gestures are used to indicate to someone that you no longer wish to speak to them.

Spoken with forearm raised to shoulder level,  palm facing outward toward recipient, similar to a ‘stop’ signal, and head turned away from the recipient. Arm can be slightly thrust forward for emphasis, but take care not to hit the recipient.

 “Brick wall!” 

Variation: “Brick wall. Glass Wall. Windex. Goodbye.” This is spoken with the basic ‘brick wall’ gesture repeated for ‘brick wall’ and ‘glass wall.’ Pretend to use a spray bottle when ‘Windex’ is uttered and wave goodbye. Walk or turn away for emphasis.


Buggin’: 1. A general feeling of frustration, anxiety or any other negative emotion. 2. Feeling overwhelmed 3. When someone is acting in a way that is inappropriate for the situation 4. Crazy;

“I’m buggin because I spilled my entire bottle of CK One.”

“This trig test got me buggin.”

“My mom still buggin because I came in 10 minutes after curfew last night.”

“Did she just say my new Doc Martens are ugly or am I buggin?” 

Check yo self before you wreck yo self: Examine your actions and/or attitude because you are about to make some serious trouble for yourself.

This phrase is spoken to someone who is about to say or do something that will likely not end well for them.

“I wouldn’t be in this club bad mouthing Biggie. Check yo self before you wreck yo self. People taking this east coast/west coast stuff seriously.” 

Da Bomb: Used to describe anything that is excellent, superb, outstanding or otherwise better than the norm.

“The Scream Soundtrack is da bomb.”

“Chicken Soup for the Soul is da bomb.”


I’m Audi: Literally, “I’m leaving.”

Perfect for those occasions when you want to make a grand departure. Point at an exit with both index fingers or throw up a sideways peace sign for an extra cool emphasis.

“Gotta do my homework before Full House comes on so I’m Audi.”  

Variations: Audi, Audi 5000, I’m 5000

Yes, it’s I’m Audi and not I’m outie. 

Peace out: Goodbye or have a nice day. Can also be used to indicate that one is leaving.

Make this phrase literal by throwing sideways (or outward depending how you look at it) peace sign.

“I’m going to the mall to buy a new No Fear shirt. Peace out.” 

I’m aware this isn’t from the 90s.

Talk to tha hand: See brick wall.

The body language is the same. 

Variations: “Talk to the hand cuz the ears don’t understand.” “Talk to tha hand cuz yo face ain’t worth it.” “Talk to tha hand cuz the face ain’t listenin’.”

You betta recognize: You need to regroup and show some respect.

Used to put someone in their place and indicate that they need to do something differently because they are showing a high level of disrespect or ignorance.

“Mortal Kombat is way better than Street Fighter. You betta recognize.” 



6 thoughts on “90s slang that we need to bring back”

  1. LOL I didn’t realize that “peace out” went out of style because I still say it every now and then. As for saying “da bomb” we might want to let that one go. With this global war on terrorism going on, some Government official might see/hear that and try to throw somebody in jail. I’m just saying. 🙂 Great start to your blog.


  2. I still use all of these…often. I also like to “Free Willy” and make my whale hand jump over someone’s brick wall. That one was so popular it made it into a Future Problem Solving skit at stay one year (thanks to the pure luck of our mystery item being an inflatable killer whale)!

    Liked by 1 person

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