I did the unthinkable…

As a parent, I generally avoid buying clothes that will only be worn once or even a handful of times because they’re for a ‘special occasion.’ I’m talking about clothes that are only relevant for holidays or are for a specific occasion like a birthday as opposed to dress-up clothes (which you can create occasions for).

I’m not against my kids having such items (they’re a lot of fun for aunts and grandmas to buy), but I generally like to purchase clothes that can be worn regularly until they’re outgrown.

I know. I’m way too cheap practical. I’m married to someone who is much more of a cheapskate practical than I am, though.

I’m ashamed to admit that I recently violated my own principles in a pretty big way…

This past weekend, The Husband, The Girl and I went to the mall for a little shopping. It was actually our first trip to the mall as a family, but that’s not really important…

…except that I hate malls and wouldn’t be sad if we never went as a family ever again….

We weren’t even planning on going to the stupid mall, but we needed to stop by Guitar Center and the mall is right there.

Anyway, we were looking for outfits for The Girl and for me to wear to her dedication at church on Sunday.

A baby dedication is similar to a christening or a baptism, except there is no water because our church doesn’t practice infant baptism. The parents and child are presented to the congregation, everyone oohs and ahhs over the baby, a prayer and blessing is given and it’s all over. It’s definitely a special occasion, but how one dresses depends more upon the culture of the church than anything else. The Girl was among the first group of babies to ever be dedicated at our church, so we didn’t have any tradition or precedent to follow. I decided that we would dress in what I like to call ‘sophisticated casual.’ Dressy elements with an overall casual feel.

We ended up at Macy’s after coming up empty handed at two other stores. I’m not really a department store typed person. We tend to buy a lot of our clothes from Walmart or from thrift stores. We occasionally shop from JC Penny online. Like I said, I hate the mall and I most department stores are located in the mall, ergo I hate department stores.

As I was searching for the right outfit for The Girl to wear to her dedication, I came to what I can only describe as the Little Girl Holiday Clothes Section:  Lots of crushed velvet, taffeta, and tulle alongside more casual outfits emblazoned with holiday faire.

And then I saw it: The Turkey Outfit.

Before you judge me too hard, it’s not a turkey costume (which is quite unfortunate that it isn’t now that I think of it). It’s an outfit that has a little turkey on it and lots of little multi-colored ruffles.


There were several Thanksgiving outfits, but this one stood out to me and I knew that The Girl needed it. Okay, she didn’t exactly need it, but I really wanted her to have it. So we bought it.

I know that she’ll only wear it once. She might be able to wear the pants again. And I might use it as a ‘sitting around the house’ outfit…because that’s what you do with department store clothes…at least it was on sale…

I suppose we all have moments of weakness and lapses of judgement.

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