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I wrote a book, and now you can buy it

Coming 6.20.23

Cover art by Erin K. Robinson

I never thought that I would write a book, let alone publish it, but here I am. My first book, I Won’t Shut Up: Finding Your Voice When the World Tries to Silence You, tells the story of how I found my voice in a world that is cruel to Black women, especially loud Black women like me. In I Won’t Shut Up, I do the difficult work of reclaiming and reframing the label of “loud Black woman,” reforging a weapon of oppression into a tool of liberation. I share my own experiences with racism and misogynoir (racialized sexism), offering practical advice and insight on finding your voice and pushing back against oppression.

Although I Won’t Shut Up is written by a Black woman talking to other Black women, this book is for anyone who the world has ever tried to silence–whether it be because of your race, ethnicity, disability, gender identity, sexual orientation, body size, socioeconomic status, or the myriad other things that our oppressive society has told people are too “loud.”

I hope that finding your voice will help you to speak the truth. And I hope that the truth will set you free.

ally henny, I won’t shut up

Pre-Order I Won’t Shut Up

I Won’t Shut Up will be available in hardback, digital, and audio formats. I have the privilege of narrating the audio book, which will be available for purchase soon.

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