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This is Privilege

I saw an image recently that said, “Privilege is when you think something is not a problem because you aren’t affected personally.” This is 100% true. The image inspired me to think more about what privilege is.

This is privilege…

Privilege is when you think that you can dictate to marginalized people what they should or shouldn’t find problematic because you believe in the objectivity of your own point of view.

Privilege is when people believe you when you say that something is a problem because people trust you to name and accurately narrate your experiences.

Privilege is knowing that if you bring up a problem, people will work to solve it because your comfort and well-being are seen as a priority and not an inconvenience.

Privilege is when you can be vocal about your problems without being seen as a problem because people implicitly trust your motives and expect the best of you.

Privilege is being able to rely on systems to solve your problems because you can trust those in power to have your best interest in mind.

Privilege is when you think that your problems are universal because everything in your would tells you that they are.

This is privilege. Stare it in the face. Own it. Leverage it to make others’ lives better.

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