There’s no crying in baseball


There’s no crying in baseball

Last night/this morning, the Kansas City Royals won a 12-inning nail-biter against the Oakland A’s. According to SportsCenter, they are the first ever team to come back from a 4+ run deficit in the 8th inning or later to win a winner-take-all playoff game. That was a mouth full.

I watched the game. I couldn’t breathe from the 8th inning on.

I’m a lifelong Royals fan, and the Royals have never played like this in my living memory (I was born in 1985).

I feel like this game will go down in franchise history. The Royals clinch their first ever wildcard berth, return to baseball’s postseason after 29 years, and win their way into the Pennant Race after making a historic comeback in the wildcard game.

This game gave me so many feels. SO. MANY. FEELS. It seems surreal to be talking about the Royals in the context of this year’s postseason and not reminding people that the Royals didn’t always suck.

I have a sweatshirt from the 1985 World Series that I have worn proudly since I found it in my mom’s closet ten years ago. People who were alive back when the Royals were good always look at me incredulously when I wear it and ask, without fail, “Were you even alive then?” And, without fail, I smile and nod and tell them how many months old I was.

I don’t remember it, but as a Kansas Citian, it’s etched in my consciousness and evokes almost boundless pride.

Now I have my own living memory of a ‘good’ Royals team, and an legendary post season game.

When I watched the game last night, I admit that I teared up as the final run was scored.

I don’t know how far The Boys in Blue will go in this postseason race, but I do know that this team has given my city something to be proud of once again. I know that there’s supposedly no crying in baseball, but I can’t help but think that there were a few tears shed (that didn’t belong to Oakland).

What do you think?

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