You’ve landed on this page because you either a) clicked on a word or phrase that was linked and it brought you here or b) you saw the ‘glossary’ option in the menu and wondered why this blog has a glossary.

I tend to use slang when I speak and when I write less formally. I understand that not everyone in my audience understands certain terms.

Feel free to comment with any words or phrases you think should be added!

Here is an alphabetical list of words from my ever-evolving lexicon (or it should be mostly alphabetical):

boothang- a prospective significant other

clutching pearls- when someone displays shock, surprise, and/or offense about something. When it is said that someone is clutching their pearls, it is usually implied that the matter is trivial and that the response is over the top.

Her parents were too busy clutching pearls over the length of her skirt to notice the cutting on her wrist.

[I’m] clutching my pearls-I’m shocked, offended, and/or surprised about something. The shock, offense, and/or surprise can be legitimate or feigned.

This hotel doesn’t have a pool. I’m clutching my pearls.

dennamug-a superlative used to compare the relationship between two (usually, but can be more) things. Whatever is being compared is always more than dennamug.

It’s hotter dennamug.

doing the most-Overreacting, overcompensating, going overboard, etc. Acting in a manner that is too much for the situation at hand.

drag- to talk about someone harshly in a very public way (or to be talked about in like manner)

That kid is doing the most right now. There’s no reason for her to be throwing a tantrum.

errthang- everything

[being] extra- Similar to doing the most (above). When someone is being extra, they are being over the top in a situation that doesn’t warrant it.

I understand that he’s upset, but throwing stuff across the room is just extra.

[to] feel some kind of way- when something causes you to have feelings that you can’t quite categorize and you’re uncertain if those feelings are positive or negative.

Our conversation yesterday had me feeling some kind of way.

[to put on] Front Street-to call someone out; to reveal something about someone that they were trying to hide/keep secret; to come clean

After they broke up, she put all of his business on Front Street; including the fact that his breath is always funky.

game proper/game tight- 1) to do something well or true to form. 2) used to draw a parallel or make comparison to a known standard.

My hairstyling game proper. [My hairstyling game is proper.]

He’s wearing a button down shirt with shorts. Spongebob game tight.

hateration and holleration- 1) something that is definitely not allowed in this dancery 2) Hateration is when people are angry at one another and they bring up all of their drama, issues, and shade. Holleration is when people are going back and forth and yelling at one another. Hateration and holleration often go hand in hand.

lightweight- sort of; to feel slightly more than lukewarm about something.

I lightweight want to try out this new restaurant, but I’m afraid it will be nasty.

Low key- Secretly/discretely. A thought, feeling, or action that you admit to having, but only to a small group of people and will deny if brought up in public; something that is known by a few, but isn’t common knowledge.

My grandma low key likes Beyonce.

They low key like each other.

I’m low key mad that my friend bailed on our plans to hang out with her boyfriend.

mug- 1) object or place 2) to stare at someone harshly

I bought a block of tofu. That mug was a waste of money.

My boyfriend’s ex was muggin me at the movies last night.

no shade- literally, ” I’m not trying to throw shade at you.” Used to convey that although the speaker is about to say something that might seem harsh, they’re trying to be honest and not harsh.

No shade, but you act like a jerk sometimes.

on point- perfect, well done, well executed, put together

parched- an extreme form of thirst (see definition for thirst below); when a man/woman acts extremely desperate for attention from the opposite sex

put on blast- to reveal something about someone that they were trying to hide/keep secret

She was trying to keep the fact that she had hemorrhoids quiet, but her husband put her in blast.

Salty- angry, upset

I was salty when I went into the kitchen and saw the last piece of red velvet cake had been taken.

shade- 1) Commentary or attitude intended to insult, belittle, or call someone out that is presented in a nonchalant or matter-of-fact way that may not be readily discerned. 2) To intentionally slight someone 3) To make a comment or observation in such a way that it seems like a compliment, but it’s actually an insult.

shole- sure/surely is; sure/surely will; sure/surely are

You shole is ugly!

struggle- used as an adjective to describe something that isn’t up to standards or is poorly done.

My hair is so short that all I can muster is a struggle pony tail.

struggle plate- 1) a meal, usually for one or two people, that has been pieced together from leftovers and condiments. 2) a poorly prepared and/or plated meal

My struggle plate consisted of a BLT made with two heels of bread, shredded taco lettuce, ketchup, and some Bacos and a dollop of peanut butter on the side.

She spent all that time preparing our dinner for two, only to come out the kitchen with a struggle plate. Her spaghetti and meatballs looked like dry noodles with deer turds.

talmbout- literally “talking about”

the struggle- 1) the hardships that people, especially those of a lower socioeconomic status, have to endure in order to make it every day. 2) Ironically: the everyday mishaps or inconveniences people who aren’t poor have to ‘go through.’

I was stopped by the cops and frisked after I walked out of the supermarket. The struggle.

I tripped on a curb while I was texting on my new iPhone. I fell down, cracked my screen, scuffed my Uggs, and spilled my Starbucks pumpkin spice latte all over my new infinity scarf.

thirst/thirsty- when a man/woman is so desperate for attention from the opposite sex that they do things that make them seem foolish

throw shade- to make fun of or disrespect in a way that may not be entirely obvious unless you can understand the subtext of what’s been said.

throw all the shade- to throw shade a whole bunch of shade in a very subtle way

tryna- literally “Trying to.”

I ain’t tryna hear about your ingrown toenail.  

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