POLL: Stolen Base Celebration Dances–Who did it better?


POLL: Stolen Base Celebration Dances–Who did it better? 

The poll is at the bottom of the article.

Today, the American League Championship Series opens with the Kansas City Royals taking on the Baltimore Orioles in Baltimore (I have tickets to Saturday’s game). The Royals have been in rare form this postseason: they won a 12-inning thriller Wildcard game, made a three-game sweep of the Angels, played and won three consecutive games in extra innings, and stole a crap load of bases.

Stealing bases is nothing new to the Royals. They had the most stolen bases in the Major Leagues this year and tied the record set by the Chicago Cubs in 1907 for most stolen bases in a postseason game (Cincinnati also shares in this tie).

It came as no surprise when outfielder Jarrod Dyson stole third in the bottom of the 9th inning (setting him up to score the tying run) because That’s What Speed Do.

Jarrod Dyson celebrates stealing third in the bottom of the ninth inning in the American League Wildcard Game.

It was a HUGE surprise, however, when Billy Butler (DH) stole second in the final game of the American League Division Series against the Angels. What you have to understand is that Butler is a big, slow-footed guy. The last time he stole a base was in July 5, 2012; two years and three months to the day before his legendary postseason steal.

Billy Butler stealing second. This gif makes him look fast.

Obviously, such an epic steal requires celebration and Billy opted to imitate his teammate’s celebration.

Billy Butler celebrates stealing second base in the Royals’ sweep of the Angels at Kaufman Stadium.

Who do you think had the better celebration dance: Dyson or Butler? Vote in the poll below: Here’s a side by side comparison:




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