Someone took this whole #thedress thing way too seriously


Someone took this whole #thedress thing way too seriously

Daniel Howland of Austin, Texas got an image of #thedress tattooed on his leg. There’s not much more to say that. This man decided that he would tattoo something on his body that the rest of us will have completely forgotten by Independence Day. For why?

Howland told WABC-New York that “I thought it was funny that it upset a lot of people. I had a spot on my leg I didn’t care about.” And thus he decided to tattoo a joke from the Interwebs on it.

Let’s take a step back. This young, 24-year-old man has a lot of tattoos. He is a piercing artist by trade, so I’m sure he as a lot of friends in the tattoo business. He decides that there is a portion of his flesh that he doesn’t care about and that it would be cool/funny/ironic/whatever to tattoo a piece of internet ephemera there. Alrighty then.

The good news, I suppose is that he at least realizes that it’s a stupid tattoo. He told WABC: “People are saying it’s the worst tattoo. It’s really nowhere near that. It’s actually a great tattoo. It’s just dumb.”

This tattoo leaves me with so many questions: How will he be able to explain this to his grandkids? Will he feel the same way about getting such a silly thing when he’s 40? The tattoo is on his leg, but will it be in plain view to others? Will people point and laugh at him? Will people who are passionate about seeing white and gold want to argue with him?

Tattoos are art that permanently etches one’s state of mind, values, and aspirations on one’s person. I’m usually not part of the “You’ll regret that one day,” crowd, but sometimes…sometimes…I wish that people would not get stupid or trendy tattoos because I think it takes away from the art form. I put this tattoo in the same category as when someone gets Your Name tattooed on their butt. That’s really the most pointless tattoo out there.

But that’s none of my business…

What do you think?

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