We’ve gotta stop letting this dress divide us…

Thanks to Tumblur and Reddit, our nation is divided once again. What’s the issue? Is it vaccines? Net neutrality? Gun control? No. It’s #TheDress. 

You see…or maybe not…this dress is driving folks crazy. It’s dividing families. It’s breaking up engagements. Lifelong friendships are ending. And it’s all because we see this dress as different colors.  Some see black and blue. Others see gold and white. There is a contingency that sees light blue and gold. 

The reality is that the dress is blue and black (like in real life and not on the Internet). At least that’s what it’s being sold as on Amazon as. 

A variety of explainations have been offered. Is it because of our emotions? Is it lighting? Is it left brain/right brain? Is it the quality or brightness of our screens? It this some kind of elaborate social experiment? 

There are no answers that satisfy…

So until we get answers, maybe we just stop talking about it. I need real answers, and none of yall have the answers. 

Perhaps this serves as affirmation and can even be an object lesson for how subjective our experience can be. One person may feel like they know what they know to be true, and vice versa. 

Maybe subjectivity is the truth we can gather around, because it sure isn’t the color of this dress in this picture. 

What do you think?

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