It’s been two years since she entered our hearts and lives. #tbt

The Armchair Commentary

I’ve mentioned on this blog several times that The Husband and I are licensed foster parents. It’s something that we really enjoy doing and we hope to get back into it some day, in some way.

October 18th was the one year anniversary since our Little Lady B left us and went to live with relatives. I wanted to share (some) of her story (edited for confidentiality’s sake) and the story of our little family. We’ve fostered several other children, but B has been the one who lived with us the longest. All of our kids made an impression on us, but B changed our lives.

The pictures in this post are purposely obscure to protect her (and our) identities. I apologize for any roughness in this post, but I doubt that I’ll do much editing (other than spelling errors) because I want it to feel as real as it…

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