Month: February 2015

Where are the bodies from this all black Cemetery?

  The lot in the picture above is a cemetery for black people located in Deerfield Beach City, Florida. It’s […]

The Story of B as told through my words and photos

It’s been two years since she entered our hearts and lives. #tbt

Why does everyone hate the heel of bread?

 Why does everyone hate the heel of bread? There is a vile act of discrimination that takes place in […]

How to be a sucky individual

How to be a sucky individual  You want to the the center of the universe. Other people’s feelings don’t matter, […]

Happy Taxmas

Happy Taxmas It’s the most wonderful time of the year…Taxmas season is upon us! Well it’s upon me at least. […]

Stop spewing on people

With all of the sickness that has been in my household since Christmastime, I’ve been vomited on (and have vomited) […]


Recovery I’m coming down off of being quite sick myself and having a somewhat sick baby. I have to remind […]