Tiger Woods’ missing tooth


Tiger Woods’ missing tooth

Ever since Tiger’s falling out with his wife back in 2009, the media has made Tiger Woods a laughingstock. Or perhaps, one could argue, Tiger has made himself a laughingstock. He hasn’t quite had the same level of shine as he did before his wife chased him out of the house with a golf club.

Anyway, the media really did Tiger dirty this time by circulating this picture:


The story is that a videographer accidentally hit Tiger in the face with his camera as he was being mobbed by the paparazzi in Italy.

But why is Tiger outchea lookin like Tyrone Biggums?



Tiger is made of money. There is no reason on God’s green earth why he has to be out in these streets lookin like this. NONE.

Tiger. Your tooth is gone. You hear me? GONE. Why are you skiing? You are toothless!

Apparently nobody in Tiger’s circle wants to be real with him, but that’s ok. Tiger, imma be real:

Tiger, I know you been struggling. First, your issues with your marriage. Then it comes out that you are incapable of remaining faithful to one woman…like ever. Your health has been bad and your game is off. I get it. I feel you.

But look at yourself.

Look. At. Your. Self.


Tiger, I’m not asking you to solve any huge problems. I’m not asking for a cure to cancer. I’m not even asking you to win The Masters again. I’m just asking you to start with the man in the mirror. Make that change, honey.

This is who you are, Tiger.


Not this.


Never this.

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