Did the Patriots cheat?


Did the Patriots cheat?

Things aren’t really looking aboveboard for the New England Patriots right now.

ESPN is reporting that 11 out of 12 of the Patriots’ game balls were under inflated by 2lbs of pressure.

It has been insinuated that deflating the balls might gave given New England an unfair advantage in Sunday’s 45-7 stomping of the Indianapolis Colts because the deflated balls may have been easier to throw and catch.

Everyone in the NFL camp appears to be tight-lipped about the matter and it hasn’t been said what consequences, if any, there will be for the Patriots.

It’s very hard to overlook the fact that not one or two, but most of the balls were under inflated. If there was enough of a change in temperature to cause the air to contract, why didn’t the equipment manager (or whoever it is that makes sure everything is kosher with this sort of thing) make sure the balls were up to standards?

It’s been said that the Colts should’ve benefited from the under inflated balls also, and that the pressure in the balls makes no difference since both teams use the same balls (I believe it’s the home team who furnishes game balls and there are regulations on how much pressure each ball must have and how much it should weigh).

I actually quite disagree with such sentiment. I think that IF cheating took place (and unfortunately, New England has a record of cheating that’s dogged them for nearly a decade) it’s not out of the realm of possibility for New England to have practiced with under inflated balls to get a feel for it. The Colts would have been at a disadvantage because they wouldn’t have had a feel for it.

The whole scenario is quite suspect.

What do you think?

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