Month: December 2014

The six most underappreciated Christmas songs

Last week, I talked about what I think are the 10 worst Christmas songs ever, and I promised that I […]

LeBron James commits a royal faux pas

LeBron James commits a royal faux pas When LeBron James met the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge this week after […]

Short Post #5: Admitting when you’re wrong

Short Post #5: Admitting when you’re wrong It’s a rare thing to find someone who will readily admit when they’re […]

Haikus for parents of infants

Haikus for parents of infants Baby on the floor Lots of noise and rancid smell Baby in the tub Daddy […]

Babies grow up

Babies grow up Perhaps it’s because I’ve spent a lot of time processing my own mortality and reflecting upon (if […]

On Hope Deferred

On Hope Deferred Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a dream fulfilled is a tree of life. – Proverbs […]

The 10 Worst Christmas Songs EVER

I’ve already admitted that I’m a bit of a Scrooge when it comes to Christmas, but I’m finally able to get […]

I’m thankful for friends who wounded me

I’m thankful for friends who wounded me I’m a little tardy to the party on the whole “season of thanks” […]