I’ve heard pretty much all of these…

“$#!+ People Say…” videos are so funny because they put truth out there in a way that is generally non-offensive. Or, better said, in a way that calls people out on their bull crap in a non-threatening way. It’s easy to hear how ridiculous you probably sound when it’s put out there in a way that isn’t confrontational.

I understand that people don’t really know how to interact with foster/adoptive parents because it’s not really something that we see and/or deal with on a regular basis.

I always try to put out there that The Husband and I are Foster Parents in conversations because I want to do my part to normalize foster families. I am careful what I say (especially when the kids are around) when we have placements because it can be awkward for them to hear or have attention called to the fact that we’re a foster family, but I feel that it’s something that is so important for people to hear.

There is no shame in what we do as foster parents. Our families and our homes operate on a slightly different economy and our family culture is unconventional. We are still a family.

When I tell people that we foster, it’s not because I want kudos or a pat on the back. I don’t want sympathy or to ‘tell you my story.’ I just want to point out that I am a mother to many, and though my family may not always look like yours we are still a family. I want people around me to ‘get’ that I’m a foster mom and what that entails so that when we do have placements (especially older kids) it’s already so normal to them that they don’t say some of the things that are in the video.

Foster kids are real kids who are part of real families. Foster parents are real parents who love their children regardless of how they came into their family.

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