If money weren’t an object…


If money weren’t an object…

Here are some things I would (and wouldn’t) do if I had access to a virtually unlimited supply of money:

1. Pay off my house

2. Donate to non-profit organizations that I care about

3. Travel the world regularly

4. Give family members and very close friends some money…but not a lot…

5. I wouldn’t try to do huge global level stuff, because if I had unlimited money and most people had access to it, my money would be worthless. I would focus on making a difference in small areas.

6. Buy a Dodge Charger

7. Spare no expense in decorating my home.

8. I wouldn’t pay for my kids’ education. They would need to earn scholarships. I would help them pay for some if the extras they may want to do at that age.

9. Save a chunk of the money for my heirs (assuming they wouldn’t have access to the same kind of deal)

10. Season tickets to my favorite sports teams and the best seats in the house for plays and musical performances around the world.

What are some (legal) things you would do if money weren’t an object?

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