Another random rant


I really enjoyed writing my last rant, so I decided to try my hand at another.

Facebook really screwed up when they completely separated Messenger from the app. They were trying to go the Google Hangouts route and completely failed. Completely. I don’t think they have too many more mistakes like that to make before they end up going the way of MySpace.

I want to try that new Ello thing, but I’m too lazy.

Sometimes I miss my hometown. Not the town where I grew up, but where I went to college and lived for seven years. I miss going for long walks all over the part of the city where I lived. I miss the awesome thrift stores. Most of all I miss my house. Lots of great memories of times gone by with friends I don’t see and actually converse with (outside of Facebook) nearly enough.

I like the town where I grew up, most of my family lives there, but I don’t really ever miss the town itself. The only thing I really ever miss is the hole-in-the-wall pizza joint that The Husband and I frequented when we were teenagers. They have the best salads.

That sounds weird to talk about the salad at a pizza joint, but really. These salads are awesome.

I think that the fear/mild panic surrounding Ebola is more of a threat (in a lot of ways) than the actual disease. I just hope that it doesn’t get actually serious.

I love it when The Girl’s eyes light up when she sees her daddy after he comes home from work.

The Husband is getting ready to give The Girl a bath, and I can hear her chattering all the way downstairs.

I need to start oil pulling.

I need to get contacts. I’m tired of little hands always finding and smudging my glasses.

It’s been more than a week since I’ve watched Downton Abbey.

Billy Butler memes never get old.

What do you think?

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