SNEAK PREVIEW: It’s 2014. People need to stop…

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It’s 2014. People need to stop…

It’s 2014, y’all. We’re nearly a decade and a half into the 21st centruy. We’re 13….or 14….or how many ever years into the new millennium (did we ever come to a consensus on that debate?). Why is it that people still on some pre-21st century nonsense? I find myself cringing on a weekly, if not daily, basis at some of the stuff I see and hear in these streets (or e-streets in some cases).

It’s 2014, people need to stop:

1. Buying 1-ply toilet paper: I know it’s cheap. I know it still gets the job done. But can we stop this savagery? Like really? They make 3 and 4-ply toilet paper, but people still out here buying scratchy, flaky, single ply toilet paper? Unacceptable. This has to stop. Boycott businesses that have it in their bathrooms. Refuse to visit relatives who don’t buy 2-ply. Together we can win.


2. Being hateful: You’re entitled to believe whatever you want, but does that also entitle you to act like a complete jerk? I don’t think so. Treat others as you wish to be treated. Love people even if you don’t agree with them. One of the major problems that we have in American culture is that we can’t simply disagree with folk. No. We have to disagree AND be hateful toward them. Let’s stop.

3. Believing EVERYTHING on the internet: Bill Gates is NOT going to give you money if you share some picture/message/email or whatever. No, Facebook will NOT give money if you share the picture of some unfortunate person who is in the hospital. Facebook isn’t shutting down so there’s no reason to share the post that says so to save your profile. Don’t believe anything you read on the internet until you can confirm it from several reputable sources


4. Believing that President Obama is a foreign-born Muslim: Just stop. Please. Ok…fine. President Obama is a foreign-born Muslim and President George W. Bush stole the election in 2000 and  again in 2004. Let’s call it even. Both presidencies are therefore rendered illegitimate. After Obama’s term is over, we will erase the last 16 years of history. I’m cool with that as long as I also get to be 16 years younger.

5. Walking around with bad breath: We have gum, travel-sized mouthwash, tic-tacs, and single use toothbrushes. There is absolutely no reason for any American to be walking around with their breath smelling like raw sewage. None whatsoever.

6. Sharing/retelling/otherwise passing along ridiculous and sensational stories without fact checking: It doesn’t matter if it could possibly happen or might be true. If the headline  and contents of the story you’re sharing with people isn’t actually true, if the events didn’t actually happen then you are spreading falsehood. Point. Blank. Period. Educate yourself on what reputable sources are and how to identify them. A lot of so-called news sites/blogs make money off of sensationalizing or flat out fabricating stories. Don’t believe everything you read.



7. Faking the funk: To “fake the funk” is to act like one’s life situation is much better than it actually is. People fake the funk about a lot of things: jobs, marriages, lifestyle, relationships…basically anything where they can make themselves feel like they’re better than other people. The thing is, people can tell most of the time that someone’s life isn’t as grandiose as they’ve made it out to be so faking the funk is basically pointless. Be real even if it means being messy.

What do you want to see stop in 2014?

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